Choosing an HP Server in Malaysia for Your Business

These days, everything is interconnected and just about everyone goes online to buy and sell products, manage their business, connect with their customers, communicate with our staff, or simply to find the information they need. Because of our increasing dependability on the Internet, servers have become a necessity especially for businesses.

In Malaysia and the rest of the world, companies need to have their own servers where they can store information and create a centralized database within their network.

There are more than a handful brands of servers that are available to Malaysian businesses but perhaps one of the most respected names in the industry is Hewlett Packard or HP. HP Server are known for their robust, high performance servers that thousands of businesses in the country depend on to ensure the smooth flow of operations.

hp servers room

The importance of a reliable server can’t be said enough. Whether you have 5, 50 or 500 computers in your building, it’s imperative that they can communicate to each other without interruption or delays.

Moreover, you have to have a reliable server that you can use in your client network so that you won’t receive complaints that your clients are unable to access your website or their accounts online.

So before you invest in a server for your company, you have to really check the best possible options for you. With an HP server Malaysia businesses can look at different types of servers as follows:

HP ProLiant DL380p back view1. HP ProLiant Servers

These are powerful web servers which are truly capable of managing any size of company and for any industry. These HP servers will ensure your applications run faster while at the same time boosting efficiency in your day to day operations.

2. HP Integrity Servers

These servers are highly secure, dependent and resilient. These are ideal for companies that work in a critical, fast paced environment including health care, banking, finance, security, and so on. Majority of the world’s leading companies use HP Integrity servers.

3. HP Rack and Power Infrastructure Solutions

If you need a very powerful and high capacity server, you may want to consider HP’s Rack and Power Data Centers. You know how expensive it is to host dozens of servers at the same time including operating costs. But with HP’s data center cloud-based solutions, your OPEX will be lower while ensuring that your servers are always working every minute of the day, 365 days a year.