Suggestions For A Kuala Lumpur City Tour

If you are planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you are in for a treat. This part of the world offers a perfect combination of new technology, historical sites, and the wonders of nature. There is plenty to see right in the area, but you can also expand your trip to take in some sights that are within a couple of hour’s drive too.

City Tours Of Kuala Lumpur

What should you look for in a city tour of Kuala Lumpur? You might choose to either take an afternoon or morning tour of this city that perfectly blends ancient charm with a modern city. Your guide should be familiar with both aspects of this city, and he should point out the contrast. Here are some tips I found from MyTravelLane

kl sightseeing night view

For example, you might see ancient Moorish architecture very close to contemporary buildings. One of the most stunning examples of this is the Merdeka, or Independence, Square. You can see the new and old King’s Palace set against an awesome skyline that is highlighted by the new Petronas Twin Towers.

Merdeka square kl

Some other highlights of a good city tour of Kuala Lumpur would include the magnificent National Mosque, the National Museum, and the Royal Selangor Visitor Center. Since working with pewter is a major craft here in this area, you can learn a lot about both the ancient crafts and very modern techniques as both are practiced here.

Don’t forget to take in a busy marketplace. This is like the Malaysian version of an outdoor shopping mall. Find great deals on all sorts of things, from clothes to crafts. Make sure to stop for a meal or snack at an outdoor stall. The fermented rice cakes sold in the market are supposed to be quite amazing, so don’t forget to try some. If you have time, you can also get your portrait sketched, and this makes a great souvenir that you can actually bring home and hang on your wall as a good way to remember your trip!

Check out this introduction video about the tour.

How Do City Tours Of Kuala Lumpur Work?

Most of these tours are really fun and convenient. The guide will pick you up right at your hotel, and after the tour, you can be dropped back off again. Typical tours last half the day, in the morning or afternoon, but it is also possible to schedule a longer tour if you choose that lasts the whole day.

pavillion shopping klEven though there is a lot to see in this amazing city, it is pretty easy to get around. You may want to begin your visit with a good local tour. You might not have a lot of time to see any one thing, but this will give you a good idea what you should return to in the future. For example, you might only spend a short time in the markets on the tour, but you might choose to return the next day for more shopping.

Tours of this city offer a great value, and a great chance to really learn about this ancient and modern Malaysian city.