Time Management Tips For Event Planners

Managing time effectivelyManaging your time as an event planner can be an extremely difficult task. Planning an event is a complex activity, full of things to think about and to supervise, important things which can totally ruin your event if you overlook them. Most of the event management companies in Sydney have a common plan to manage their time and schedule. This article is going to give you a few tips to help you manage your time more effectively as an event planner.

Checklists Rule

Everything is important when planning an event, therefore everything should be on a checklist, so that you can easily see what you sorted out and what still needs your attention. It’s true that some elements are more important than others, but you can start prioritizing only after you put everything on your checklist, from the simple guests list to RSVPs and place holders.

When you have a checklist, it’s very easy to check mark all things that are completed as you go. It’s a very powerful time saving and organization tool each and every event manager should use.

There’s No Such Thing As Downtime

Running out of time in event planningAs an event planner, every second of your time is extremely valuable. You should use all those periods when you don’t work on your project for making phone calls, make plans or verify details on the progress of your project. for example, if you need to travel long distances, don’t drive yourself. Hire a driver or use a train, so that you can use the traveling time for doing little things that take a lot even though they are simple.

Where’s Your Plan B?

Backup plan for event management planningAlways make sure you have a backup plan for situations of emergency. For instance, if you organize an outdoor event, have you thought about what would it happen if the weather went bad? Even the best weather forecast can be wrong sometimes. Besides, big events need a lot of planning time in advance, thus making it almost impossible to get an accurate prediction of the weather.

You need to have an option B ready to use in case option A fails for reasons beyond your control.

Event planners can manage their time effectively if they take into consideration all the above. Never ignore a small detail that can turn into a huge issue later on, stay focused, have checklists for everything and always develop a plan B. This is how you can be a very good event planner people will respect and admire and will want to work with.